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Guide to find cheap sofas under 100 dollars with good quality and best design. Yes, the brand name is “Maytex Piped Suede 2-Piece Slipcover Sofa”. Where can I get cheap sofas under 100 dollars, you can visit here



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Review by Donna


Yes, the slipcover was a tight fir on a large couch but I love it. It took some effort to get it on my 96 inch couch but it fits great and looks great. Friends asked me if I got a new couch, they didn’t realize it was my same old couch with a slipcover. I had read alot of the reviews but thought I’d try it anyway. (some reviews said the zippers on the cushion were poor or the material ripped while struggling to get it on. They must have heard everyone because my cushion has a velcro closure which works great. It cleans up nice with a wipe of a wet cloth for minor spills and food splotches. So after a little sweat and tugging I think it is great…it was just what I needed to make my old worn couch look great!!

Review by Love2Love

Awesome Slipcover!

This was my first time ever purchasing/using a slipcover so I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but the instructions were clear and my couch now looks so much better! The slipcover is of great quality and color and I’m very pleased. It was a tad bit too long for my 72″ couch, but with a little tucking here and there you can’t even tell. I was worried about the slipcover possibly slipping around with use, but so far it stays put. I would definitely recommend this slipcover! ….

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Sofa under 100

Maytex Piped Suede 2-Piece Slipcover Sofa

 Cheap Sofas Under 100 Cheap Sofas Under 100

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Get a semi-custom look and fit with our 2-piece Patented Construction slipcover. Elastic corners, separate seat cushion, and wearable fabric make for a comfortable fit that transforms your old sofa or loveseat to a new one.

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